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 On Site Services

In addition to a state-of-the-art Instrumentation workshop, V.A.C.P.L. supports you with a similar mobile workshop. Fitted with all the necessary testing and calibration equipment to take on any sophisticated task such as;
* Repair,
* Testing,
* Calibration,
* Hook up of Electrical & Pneumatic Instruments.
* Pre Commissioning, Commissioning.
* Process Plant Maintenance & Trouble Shooting.
* Hydro-Testing of Piping, Spools and Skids.
And ready at all times to be mobilized to any remote on-shore or off- shore location.

Distributed Control System
* Bailey Controls.
Complete servicing package including following services;
* Module Configuration
* Field Loop Tuning and Testing
* Hardware Maintenance and Software Back-Up
* System Commissioning and Start-Up
* General Maintenance

Programmable Logic Controllers
- OPTO -22.
The following services are offered at card/board level for;
* Controllers.
* I/O Modules.
* Graphic Processors.
*System trouble shooting & Configuration.
* Cards and modules repairs.

Gas Detection & Flame monitoring System
* Delphian Corporation. *Gastech.
Following services available;
*Commissioning of UV/IR fire detection and Toxic / Flammable gas monitoring systems.
*Field calibration of the system.
* Trouble shooting and field maintenance.
* Board and Component Level Servicing of Controllers.
*Trip Amplifiers.
* System Design & Assembly.

Tank Level Gauging Systems.
* ITT Barton.
* Enraf.
* Whessoe.
Services Available;
- Installation and calibration

Hydro Testing
Services available;
*Flushing the System.
*Hydrostatic Pressure test Pneumatic Pressure Test System Leak Test.

* All prefabricated piping spools shall be shop hydro-tested.
* Before filling with water cleanliness of system shall be checked and flushed with water to ensure they are clear of refuse that may have accumulated during fabrication.
* All NDT as per specs shall be completed and accepted before filling water.
* All joints including welds are to be left unpainted, free of dirt, grease & Temporary protective coatings.
* Piping spools shall be laying on wooden supports above ground.
* Pressure gauges/chart recorders shall be calibrated and certified prior to test.
* The pump shall have independent pressure gauge fitted. The test Pressure shall be applied by test pump as required.
*The pressure will be applied 50% initially and then gradually increased in steps of 10% until test pressure is achieved.
* The pump shall be isolated from the system when the test pressure has been attained.
* Test pressure shall be maintained for 1 hour and it will be witness by the Client.
* The portable tap water shall be used in hydrostatic test.
* Gasket used for test shall not be used for final piping erection.
* Test pack documents shall be completed and signed.

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