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 Workshop Services

Valves   Flowmeters


Instrumentation Calibration Systems:
* Ing. Scandura. * Budenberg. * Promac Controls. * Beta Instruments. * Meriam Instruments.
* Jofra Instruments.

*Pressure. * Flow. * Temperature. * Level.
   Services Available
  * Installation and Commissioning.
  * Repairs and Re-calibration.

PID / Electronic & Pneumatic Controllers
* Pressure, *Temperature, *Flow and Level PID / Electronic & Pneumatic Controllers.
*Digital and Analog Controller and Trip Amplifiers.
   Services Available
  * Installation and Commissioning
  * Repairs and Re-calibration.

Pneumatic Instrumentation
* Transmitters, *Differential Pressure units, *Indicators, *Switches, *Regulators, *Positioner. Controllers.
*Digital and Analog Controller and Trip Amplifiers.
   Services Available
  * Installation and Commissioning
  * Repairs and Calibration.

Instrumentation   Flowmeters


Control Valves:
*Valtek * Worcester Controls * Yamatake Honeywell *Dresser Masoneilan * Fisher Controls * Sereg Bailey
* Kent Control * Neles Jamesbury

*Worcester Controls * Auma *Valtek *Rotok * Bailey

- Safety Relief Valves
* Consolidated Dresser * Nouvo pignone * Anderson Greenwood * Crosby * Conbraco


Valve refurbishment is one of VIJAY ANU CONSTRUCTION’s specialties. The type of Valves which are being handled by us includes Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Butterfly Valves and Control Valves of sizes ranging from½ inch to 36 inch and pressure class from ANSI 150 to 2500 and API 10,000. The actuator includes Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electrical of various types. The standard covered by us includes NABL and various other International Standards. As is known, valves are the equipment through which the process medium flows and this medium is in direct contact with the valve body, bonnet and trim components and hence these parts should have high quality and reliability. Any relaxation in quality of these parts will effect the function of the valve and its failure can result in loss of production, material, equipment and even human life. Therefore, it has become essential to refurbish the valves with utmost care and under stringent quality control. For meeting these requirements, VIJAY ANU CONSTRUCTION has a well equipped valve refurbishment set up with modern equipment and well trained personnel in India


* ITT Barton * Bailey * Schlumberger * Dietrich Standard * Sereg Bailey * Smith Meters * Liquid Control, * Brooks.
   Services Available
  *Flow Calibration.
  * Repair and refurbishing
  * Turbine Meters
  * PD Meters

Flow Calibration Facility

V.A.C.P.L. offers flow testing and calibration of flow valves and volumetric flow meters by using Precision master meters. The system comprises two highly accurate turbine meters (3" and 1") capable to handling flow rates between (4 - 300 US GPM), their output pulses are scales, linearised and hooked to the Barton Flow Computer. The Computer and its software take care of the rest. Pr CAL 5.0 is a special purpose program for calibration of volumetric meters using precision "master" meter as the calibration reference. The scanner 1105 accepts signals from both the master meter and the test meter, stores the test data in memory and calculates the calibration factors for the test meter. The meter factor calculation is automatically scaled up to 15 selectable Engineering units. Batch size is also selectable and can be directly entered into the computer.

Re-Pair, Service, Calibartion & Certification of (Petroleum Product )Flow Meters on site:

The calibration will be by passing petroleum product (customer product) through the meter into a certified Master meter. This is in accordance with International standards.
We will prepare certificates for the meter assuming that meets the required specification. That is repeatability. In case the meter is not performing well, we shall of course inform you on site and we will also issue a report of the data we have with recommendations as to what should be done

Instrumentation   Valves  

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